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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 11, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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why president obama was at the home of a former georgetown star. hitting it big on "dancing with the stars." how these local dancers hope to make a return. captioned by the national captioning institute a bumblebee and a crash that was not in the script. we begin with the real life accident on the set of the new movie "transformers 3." this happened in southwest. stephen tschida has more on the events leading up to this accident. >> a movie is expected to be a thriller, but today they got some unexpected action which brought production to a halt and
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raise questions about safety. the yellow car from the movie broadsides a police car. it happens in the middle of shooting a scene, but this was a real crash. >> we definitely thought somebody was hurt. >> throngs of fans launched -- lined the streets. >> you can see at blocked off. why did he come through here? >> a spokesperson said the car was responding to a call and correctly took the most direct route. the officer at the wheel was with a special operations unit. >> it made no sense why a police car was not racing part of the -- was not racing through the scene.
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the driver of the police cruiser was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. the car need some major repairs. >> the front and was all messed up. people were picking up pieces off the ground. >> the crash stopped production and d.c. police say the accident remains under investigation tonight. another big story tonight, we are on storm watch as some heavy storms moved across our area this evening. we captured pictures of some lightning in the district. of ryan is here with a live look at the radar. -- bob ryan is here. >> i want to show you here is the area of rain which has moved across the eastern shore.
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officially there is a severe thunderstorm warning for folks on the eastern shore. there has been some lightening moving through anne arundel county. we tapped into some of our weatherbug stations. beltsville had a few hundredths of an inch and also in annapolis. right now the temperature is 68 degrees. we have one more summery kind of day. i will tell you what was special about today, but it will be a warm one before we finish up. president obama is back at the white house after attempting to raise campaign funds. the president was in miami where he was trying to get voters. he accused republicans of
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peddling the same things that led the country into the recession. the president is scheduled to speak tomorrow at a town hall meeting at george washington university. the candidates running for maryland governor squared off for a debate. martin o'malley and of ehrlich argued about the economy and future job growth. the worst argument was over education. >> those kids of color are being denied their constitutional rights. that is unacceptable. >> you always talk in very coded language about kids not succeeded. but you never talk about the things they are doing well. >> bob ehrlich accused o'malley of doubling the state's unemployment rate. he said ehrlich did nothing to
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lower taxes while he was governor. o'malley is seeking reelection. the two are scheduled for debate on radio next week. expect even more traffic gridlock tomorrow morning as you travel through tysons. a ramp will close and it will stay closed for up to two years. the alternative will lead to even more problems. horace holmes will explain how and why. >> up until now if you wanted to get on the belt way northbound from 123 you got onto a ramp right behind me. that ramp will close in a few hours. starting tomorrow in order to get on the belt way you will have to stop at that light and
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make a left onto a temporary ramp. road crews are working frantically to change traffic patterns in tysons. >> it will be terrible. >> or construction in an area that is heavily congested for the new metro extension is not something people who drive through here are looking forward to. >> it will make my commute worse. >> she drives here every day from waldorf. a long commute is about to get clobbered. >> transportation officials are telling motorists to add 20 minutes to their rush-hour commutes. >> this ramp that leads onto 495 north will be shut down while work crews demolish the bridge over 123. >> it will make a crazy for a
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truck driver. >> this project will take up to two years. starting tomorrow you will have to make a left-hand turn at this light traveling north on 123. it will definitely be different. >> i am not looking forward to it. >> in just a few hours they will flip up that sign and then the new traffic pattern begins. this project will last up to two years. >> in a few hours a local man charged with a mass shooting at fort hood will face this shooter. hasan is accused of killing 13 people and shooting 32 others.
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he grew up in this area and worked at walter reed. it will determine whether there is enough evidence to hold a trial. fire shut down a local fda -- usda facility. officials say the fire damaged some telecommunications equipment. employees are being advised to work from home. the building will reopen tomorrow. the maryland couple is celebrating their spin around the dance for on "dancing with the stars." >> they could just be back for more. >> this pair of professional dancers has the dance world at its feet. >> i put so much effort into it. askdancing with the stars"{
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this. to perform with other professional couples. >> they are all really nice people because they are not in their own atmosphere. they are not in a movie set. >> they are friends with many of the pros on this show, but being on the show was a different experience. >> they are just fun. you are not competing with anybody. >> you are not getting judge also, so you can enjoy it much more. >> the two interviewed to become part of the professional cast. >> they want to get a feel on what your outlook is for teaching. >> they are already coaching professionals, but they note teaching celebrities would be a new step. >> it is important for the
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student to want to learn. if they are on the show they are willing to learn. >> learning this new move should be no problem. >> it is a good opportunity for the future. you never know what will happen. >> so for the couple does not know if they will be chosen or when they will find out. they have plenty to keep them busy, including being one of only two couples representing the united states in the world pan's championships. -- world dance championships. >> the best known cougar is back on the market. >> the world wired. cboe has all of us beat. >> students spied on by a school computer. >> a new parking problem in the district.
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the new challenges.
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an advisory the next time
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you travel to china town. >> some key changes for parking meters could end up proving costly. it was a good night for caps fans. parking in a metered spot was free because it was a holiday. >> you just have to cowrie pounds of change. >> -- karie pounds of change. >> fans are going to pay a pretty penny to park. >> it is not clear whether adrian fenty thought of that when he named chinatown the premium demand is down. one week after fenty lost a primary bentsen grace said if he is elected he would -- vincent gray said he would kill the
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feet. >> you come from out of town and want to see the game, at this is supposed to be a hospitable city, you will get robbed. >> mayor fenty said the new fees save the city $6 million a year. >> there has been in that. settlement over a lawsuit with pictures taken of students. the school district will pay $600 million. they laughed copps -- laptops -- talk about a rough landing for a sky diver in massachusetts. and men parachuted into a group of trees and was stuck for three hours. firefighters used ropes and ladders to get him down. courtney cox and her husband
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are separating. they announced a trial separation after a tabloid reported they split up. they met on the set of the film "scream." the couple said they had been separated for some time but remained committed parents. 7 is on your side with news about the busiest users of the internet. the digital world is growing fastest in countries like china and brazil. 88% of online users in china have written their own blog. only 32% in the u.s. have their own blog. >> i will be blogging about where i was this evening. it is about the climate change. >> talk about dancing.
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we have been dancing with the seasons. it will be the quickstep as we go through the next couple of days. how is that for a segway? look at that. it still is shorts whether. why did we make it to 90? we would have had our 67th 90 degree day. all we did was make it to 88 degrees. that is the average high for july 11. look at the high temperatures today. 88 here in washington. 82 in chicago. a lot of 80's down to our south. right now titis still mild. new york city at 62 degrees -- right now it is still mild.
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this is an area of storms that will bring us some rain as we get into late wednesday and thursday. those thundershowers out to our east. overnight tonight there will be born into pennsylvania. temperatures tomorrow will be into the 80's. down around raleigh, still into the 80's tomorrow. for the remainder of the night those showers and thundershowers which had small hail, those continue to move off to the eastern shore. temperatures tomorrow 54-61 degrees. that is close to our average high temperature. when you wake up, temperatures will be into the 60's. one more warm day tomorrow with
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temperatures around 80 degrees. by late tomorrow afternoon with a cold front getting near us there may be an afternoon shower. temperature is about 80 degrees. that area of the storms around colorado will be coming our way, bringing some of rain and much cooler air. then it will be feeling more like october, even a touch of november. we will have it all in one week. one more warm day. >> we have not seen the end of it. >> the leads are starting to change. with the rains we have, we will have a colorful autumn. >> can ate breakfast pastry make a marriage made in heaven? >> you will decide.
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is -- excitement is building in chile. the latest on the efforts to pull out the miners. >> you have already eaten so you can handle this. people at a food festival are selling crispy cream cheese burgers. take the frosted donut and cut it in half and add your beef. it is best to keep this plane -- eat this plain. only 550 calories apiece. >> i would not at the cheese. they are trying to make it taste good. >> use scare me. >> the first place redskins turned their focus to peyton
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manning and the colts. alexander semin come up but is it enough? [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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tonight. the caps hosting the senators. let's go back to the verizon center. the game was tied. they start the siren, here it comes. a goal and an assist. look out for ryan shannon. the senators will tie this game at two. top shelf. alex ovechkin had been limited to two shots all night, but watch the right wing. here he comes. game-winner. a tough night for ovechkin until the end, but the caps beat ottawa 3-2. >> he will scored the overtime goal and be the hero. go ask him how he played. he will tell you, not so good, but he got the overtime goal.
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>> bruce boudreau. redskin fans are fired up about the skins being 3-2. late this afternoon mike shanahan said not so fast. at the end of the day would you have to do is say what did we do well? we need to improve in a lot of different areas, but it is is always nice to win. i think our football players need to focus on that. we need to get better to be the type of team we are capable of being. >> when trent williams got hurt we were thinking the worst. the mri and looked good. good news for the redskins tackles. in baseball, san francisco trying to end the series with the braves.
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the game tied at two. he takes this pitch to left field. this will score won easily. here comes the throw. the damage was done, 3-2 giants. atlanta is eliminated. bobby cox said so long, the manager of atlanta for the past 50 years. tonight was his last game. >> a great guy. tonight was his last game. >> a great guy. >> v
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first. >> again with the summery weather. there are still some lingering showers overnight tonight. one more really warm day. there are more showers up through pennsylvania. tomorrow temperatures will be into the 60's.
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